Healing modalities by Rays Healer

Tarot Cards: Reader and Teacher

Osho Zen Tarot deck consists of 79 cards which are often used in understanding the Past, Present and Future. These are Traditional card which helps in understanding health, wealth, prosperity and purposes of life when asked. There can be an in depth reading on basis of questions framed.

There are other set of Oracle cards, which deal in specific questions and related specific defined answers.

Numerologist: Reader, Healer and Teacher

Numerology is defined and believed as the divine and mystical relationship between numbers and incidents connected to those numbers. The personality traits and values are understood in depth with the help of numbers. Each person is unique and carries his uniqueness through numbers.
Numerology deals with numbers and helps to understand greater study of ones life. It helps in correction of name along with relationship compatibility and marriage charts, reducing the future hurdles of an individual.

Crystal Healing; Healer, Dealer and Teacher

Crystal is an alternative healing technique using specific stones and crystals. Crystal has their own healing powers and can balance chakras and other issues of life with the help of its energy. Crystal healing is associated with New Age Spiritual movements. Crystals have different shapes, shades, sizes and uses.

Gem Stone: Dealer

Gemology is a science dealing with natural gemstone as suggested by the healer. It is considered as geoscience and a branch of Mineralogy. We help you in identifying the real gems and provide them as per needs.

Candle Magick: Healer and Teacher

A Candle Magick is a magick with specific candle, herbs and oil along with set of words and lines spoken or unspoken, which are considered to invoke some magical effects on its own. There are different preparations for the use of this Magick. This is purely a White Magick without harming anyone in nature through conscious or subconscious mind. This Magick can be used for relationship, money, harmony, removing of curses or negativity, having positive attitude towards life and oneself.

Energy healing spells: Healer

Healing spells can be used in healing self and others. There can be many modalities applied to this for healing purpose. This is purely for positive healing and give peace and pain relief. These energies can be in words, actions or other ways depending upon person who needs the healing

Herbs and Oil Therapy: Healer and Provider

This therapy is used in many ways of healing in personal and professional life. Oils can be applied to specific candles along with its respective herbs depending on the issues or matters to be resolved. Oils can also be used for personal uses to betterment of health, psychic powers, money, positive energy and many more..

Angel Therapy: Healer and Teacher

Gemology is a science dealing with natural gemstone as suggested by the healer. It is considered as geoscience and a branch of Mineralogy. We help you in identifying the real gems and provide them as per needs.

Chakra Balancing: Healer and Teacher

Chakra balancing is a process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy through our body at different pace. Imbalanced chakra can create lot of emotional and physical issues in our life. Is it important to balance our chakras and heal them at regular interval.

Scrying Crystal ball: Healer

Scrying is seeing or looking at a significant event which may occur in the life through a Crystal ball. The visions are related to specific messages only. It is also another part of divination which is practiced on regular basis through few psychic intuitors.

Clinical Hypnotherapist: Healing

Clinical Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, perception or consciousness that is used by a licensed and trained doctors or mastered prepared individuals for treating a psychological or physical problem. Hypnotherapy works on Emotional, Mental and physical issues of a person.

Inner Child Healing: Healer

Inner child healing is a process of healing one self with any situation, which has been bothering an individual since birth. This changes the behavior pattern and clears the emotional blockages that the person has been suffering. Every individual carries an inner child within one self. It is essential to remove and release the trauma or pain, knowing or unknown carried since ages.

Past Life Regression : Healer

Past Life Regression is releasing past life memories or incarnations with the help of clinical hypnosis. The technique used in Past Life Regression is on a specific topic which the client wants to resolve in his current life which comes from past lives. Through the question and answer session the clients is able to release their trauma and issues.

Phobia Healing: Healing

Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of an aversion to something specific which can be identified. It is also known as a type of anxiety disorder to a particular situation. Phobias can be related to past lives or current life which is related to specific event in life.

Age regression: Healing

Age regression is releasing the memories of an earlier stags of life in order to be more focused and positive towards upcoming career and life. Its more to do with the coping mechanism of an individual to release the pain help within them. This therapy involves clinical hypnosis to let go all the pain and get oneself relief from its future outcome

Pain Management: Healing

Releasing body pain through the help of clinical hypnosis using the trans method and releasing the severity of pain. This therapy is not associated with any medical treatment or medicines. This is only through Trans that the pain is taken care, however this treatment does not stop you from taking your regular medicines if you are on specify treatment.

Relationship Counseling: Healing

Relationship counseling is a process of counseling the couples or the human relationship in an effort to establish harmony, love and peace within the relationship. Relationship counseling is not only for couples but every relations which can be dealt and expressed.

Vastu Shastra: Basic Teaching and Healing

Vastu Shastra is know as science of Architecture. It help in balancing the house with appropriate energies which are related to the major direction of House that is balancing of East, West, North an South direction. This can b through color therapy or involves using of crystals and pyramids or alterations if necessary.

Traditional Reiki: Healing andTeaching

Reiki is a Japanese technique helped in healing for stress reduction and relaxation of body, mind and soul. The energy flows from the physical body through hand to heal the specific areas and chakras, which are affected. It has been accepted across the world. It charges with positive energy and light.

Alpha Mind Power: Healing and Teaching

The Alpha mind power is the key of mind which produces wonderful result and outcome towards the healing. In alpha Mind you can manifest your dreams with the help of sub conscious mind. It releases stress and tension and adds to your intuitive power.

Lama fera: Healing and Teaching

The word Lama means Disciple of lord Buddha and the word Fera means round or more specifically around the body with the energy of lord Buddha.

The Energy of lord Buddha is channeled through the Healer and directed towards disease or illness.

Akashic Records: Healing and Teaching

Akashic Records is a journey in a divine state with the highest form of healing vibrations which is also divine energy of higher self which can help to clear any past life trauma or karmic cycle to be read in the books of records in Akasha. Akashic records helps in identifying core beliefs and issues related in present life which may occur due to past life or present circumstances.

House Scan – Geopathic Stress: Healing

Geopathic Stress is related to the Earth Energies and the well being of people. Geopthic stress studies the Earth vibrations and the stress levels of human beings in the living area or workplace. This is measured by specific instrument called as Aura Scanner. It can reveal the issues related to miscarriage, death, suicides, health and many such issues by scanning the place. It is rectified with the help of Lama Fera along with other healing modalities.

Pendulum Dowsing: Healing and Teaching

Pendulum Dowsing is a Divination tool using human sensitivity to the subtle energies by a living source. Pendulum is a weighted object on a string or a chain which can answer in yes or no format. It is used in finding under ground water and many more questions in a specific manner. It helps in gaining information which can help in healing.

Switch Words: Provider and Teacher

Switch words are very powerful words which can quickly work on energy from one dimension to another. It simply means that it has power to change the energy. All words can become switch words. Switch words are also called seed beej mantras.

Bach Flower Therapy : Healer

Dr Edward Bach an English Homeopath in the year1930 in the England discovered Bach Flower Remedy. It was found that flower petals regain imaged healing properties of a plant to heal emotions and mental state of a people. They restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision patterns. It helps in peace and happiness to return in the body.

EFT: Healer and Teacher

Emotional Freedom Tapping is based on releasing of Emotions from a Human being. It focuses on Meridian Points in our body to restore balance of our energies. It releases the symptoms of negative energies or emotions that has caused due to multiple reasons.

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