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Paayal Sanghavi

Thank you Payal for doing Hypnosis therapy on both my daughter's. Amazing results ! 1) The one u did for back pain has completely gone n she is so happy n relaxed . Everyday she tells u a thank you n prays to God that u prosper n may u help many people who r in need. 2) The second one was for weight loss n that is really working wonders. She has gained a lot of self confidence n doing things which she was avoiding g always because of her obesity. Thank you so much Payal n God bless u with holistic abundance.

Dinesh Nihalani

Sunstone magic. A bank manager was having problems in lending loans. Something or the other was missin in papers etc. After she kept a sunstone she is missing lunch break. She is able to reach her target easily. She is thankful!.

Alifiya Nashikwala

Happy teachers day to dear payal u r an angel to me I have learn so many things from after learning Tarrot today I am able to earn money heartiest gratitude I pray u get all your desire things in abundance I am blessed to have u in my life and so is anandbhai we r 3 sisters wd no brother anandbhai has always shown care n gvn love as a sister to me u guys r wonderful pole I ever me stay blessed love u both many more learning from u both thankuu thankuu thankuu

Priti Mehta

U deserved it Payal, It's not bcoz of us it is for ur hard honest work n more over becoz of ur humble nature u definitely haven't cheated ppl for money. May god bless us wid more honest n sincere ppl like u Love u n Wish u n Anandbhai success always

Amy Cheda

Payal had suggested a bracelate for my mom For her business Mom started wearing it and it is giving amazing results Thanks payal

A.J. from UK

I needed help with some personal issues i had. I was referred to Anand & Payal. Anand & Payal's approach was more personal and appropriate. They took time to understand me, advise me on things to do personally and trusting them to leave the rest to them.
As soon as i started practicing what they advised whilst they were working tirelessly in the background, soon enough, things started getting better for me.

What our Guru Says

Captivating smile, mellow but confident gesture, clean Aura all kept building higher blocks with time. With every failure I kept building a new stronger and higher block. The combination of my passion, positive attitude and will power helped me kept going towards achieving success in my professional as well as spiritual paths.

I'm god gifted and have been blessed with strong intuitions; which is also one of the reason that has excelled my passion towards healing and to become a renowned Tarot Reader to rules the hearts of clients across the globe.

My ethical practices of maintaining client confidentiality is of a paramount importance and has been appreciated by all my clients.

About Payal Goradia


Hi, I'm Ms. Payal Goradia. As my name states a precious jewel with its soothing tinkling sound; Yes, indeed it's the perfect blend of both the jewel and the soothingness of single sentence that can describe ME.

The era was changing, perception being topped and my first association with diverted healing happened in 2008 wherein my resolution to heal the world began when I diverted myself into Vastu Shastra and then till date it was no looking back. Putting my best foot forward I mastered the art of healing in various modules like psychic readings, holistic approach and metaphysics. The results were self-explained seen and felt in my own personal life.


Why Rays Spiritual Healer


Rays: The lines or stream of lines where light appears in radiate from aluminous body, extending its radiant energy in direction of the point where energy is flowing.


Spiritual: A person relating to sacred or religious values, psychic, intangible, transcendent, mystic, metaphysical, immaterial supernatural form.


Healer: A person who claims to be able to cure the person using special powers 'a spiritual healers and medium' that involves a skilled person, special knowledge and ability who performs skillfully in a particular type of therapy.

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