About Payal Goradia

Hi, I'm Ms. Payal Goradia. As my name states a precious jewel with its soothing tinkling sound; Yes, indeed it's the perfect blend of both the jewel and the soothingness of single sentence that can describe ME.

The era was changing, perception being topped and my first association with diverted healing happened in 2008 wherein my resolution to heal the world began when I diverted myself into Vastu Shastra and then till date it was no looking back. Putting my best foot forward I mastered the art of healing in various modules like psychic readings, holistic approach and metaphysics. The results were self-explained seen and felt in my own personal life.

About Rayshealer

Payal Goradia, the visionary behind this platform, believes in the power of spiritual connection and the profound impact it can have on one's life. She has envisioned this platform as a space where individuals could find the right tools and guidance to navigate their spiritual odyssey. Motivated by the desire to share this transformative journey, Rays Healer was born.

Driven by a passion for holistic living and the desire to make a positive difference, Rays Healer is more than an online store — it's a haven where ancient wisdom meets modern lifestyles. Each product and service we offer is meticulously chosen, reflecting our dedication to providing you with not just healing items, but tools for personal growth and spiritual awakening. We invite you to explore our collections, immerse yourself in the energy of our products, and embark on a transformative journey toward balance, harmony, and well-being. Thank you for joining us on this voyage to a more enlightened and healed world.

At Rays Healer, we understand that the path to healing is deeply personal, and our commitment is to support you every step of the way. Founded on the principles of authenticity, compassion, and genuine care, we strive to create an inclusive space where seekers, healers, and curious souls can find solace and inspiration.

Together, let’s embrace the healing energies, expand our consciousness, and create a world filled with love, positivity, and spiritual harmony. Thank you for being a part of our community; your presence enriches our mission and fuels our commitment to spreading the light of healing to every corner of the world.

About Anand Goradia

Anand Goradia Co founder of Rays Healer who has been associated since 2017 with a wonderful modality of Reiki from his master. He has gradually upgraded himself from Reiki Grand Master to Lama Fera Master Teacher to Bach Flower provider. He has many student base and appreciate his timely dedication and trust for his services. Anand is a thorough mentor who holds his students hand and is always available for them. He loves what he does and upgrades his knowledge on timely basis.

Anand had a turn in his life when his wife started learning and practicing Hypnotherapy. He was interested in understanding as How life works? He went so deep that he reakused that his journey was into healing and he is passionate about his work and career.

Rays Healer is IS0 certified 9001-2015 certificate number: 13231-AQMS- 3331 from ICAB, GAB.

Recognition Received

I have presented TV shows in London for almost 2½ years with Sunrise Television capturing eyes of more than 140,000 viewership. Good Knowledge and softness connects people comfortably.

Accordion content goes My success in UK invited me to a Radio show is USA which again helped in healing the followers on the show. This was marked as a great success and it increased my base of followers in USA also. here!

Clientele base has been expanded to Mauritius, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait and China through references and has is growing endlessly.

Sunrise TV viewers from various parts of Europe have also been a part of healing Journey.

My strong roots connect me back to India. Currently, I’m settled in India and servicing people across the country. I have already made my way in creating a mark in my professional service and gifted healing methods. My gifted Power to satisfy my clients has been well recognized and patronized by my increasing followers in references to embark a new relationship of healing with every individual.

Know Us More

We are in this Healing Industries since 2008, successfully completed Master in Business Administration specialization in Marketing from University of Wales, TSD, UK.

Payal has been into Banking and Insurance since 1998 with many awards, rewards and certificates with remarkable conttibutiin to the Insurance industry. Worked with multiple MNC's and performed very well with Name in the Insurance market.

Her career moved to Heakung industry where she learned my certified courses from different Master's and practiced them rigorously. She was a TV presenter in London, UK performing live telecast show on Sunrise TV, Asian channel with viewership of over 4 lakhs. She has received my references an testimonials from her clients and followers. She had done Radio show as well in USA for a short period.

Payal has received many Awards for her noble cause in healing where she uplifted the society with different healing modalities as per their needs. She was awarded by Ladies league in the year 2017 in 2018 by BCG Delhi association and started her Award ceremony by the name Soul Alchemy in 2018 onwards to iplift the healers and give them the bench mark for their fabulous work along with Healers Exhibition.