Payal Ma'am and Anandji is absolutely fabulous. I have learnt Tarot card from Payal Ma'am and I completely resonate with the teaching. I am also doing Tarot Reading professionally. I highly recommend Payal Ma'am and Anandji. God Bless them always with good health and always fulfill all their good wishes.

Hardik Sanghavi

I have learnt Reiki Level 1, 2 ,3A from Anand Goradia sir in 2020. He is very genuine teacher who teaches with whole heart. Sir has been with me in the journey even years after course is over to show me direction when ever I encounter challenges in my journey, a listener. The services offered and products are genuine. I highly recommend Anand Sir to people who are seeking to learn Spiritual modalities. Also, people who would like to buy crystals, aromas essence oils, candles etc. Love and light to all reading the message.

Aashna Dhorda

I did Lama FERA treatment from Anand and I must say my headaches disappeared after only 3 sessions. He also helped me with my nausea which is gone. He is currently helping me with my low pulse count. And what I really appreciated was the constant follow ups. I highly recommend him for treatment. God bless him

Shyama Daswani

I learnt Reiki 1 and 2 from Anand. It was a good decision I made. He is so passionate about teaching that he teaches everything in detail. He resolves all your queries and doubts and learning becomes so clear and easy. I will highly recommend Ray's healers. So much thought and hard work put in by Payal and Anand. Thank you Rays Healer.

Vidya Pai

I have learned Reiki and Lama Fera. I can see major changes after learning this powerful healing modalities. Whoever is looking forward for learning spiritual things, then you are at the right place. Personal guidance, deep understanding of situation and emotions at all level is something have always prayed and got from Payal and Anand Sir! I am looking forward for learning as much i can from Rays healer for my highest good. Love and light to all.

Bhoomi Valodra

I am so glad that I started my healing journey with Rays spiritual healer.I was struggling with my health issues before I met Payal Ma'am and Anand Sir.I felt so positive after the first session.Payal Ma'am is very professional,warm and kind.She listened,explained and guided me through the healing process.She has an immense knowledge of Crystals too.I have been undergoing monthly Lama fera sessions with Anand Sir for over 12 months.I feel really better and better.Both of you are incredibly gifted.The healing you provided is intense.Almost like I've had a MIRACLE CURE. Thank you so much Rays spiritual healer for all your help and support.I highly recommend them to all

Rajni Gwalani

I take this opportunity to Thank You with all my heart for channelising good energies and cleansing off the bad ones via the Lama Fera session. I experienced the breaking of blockages and movement of many things which were stuck from a long time; that too almost within or almost 12 hours of the d session we had. I am really filled with surprise that just a 10-15 mins session can do such wonders. Once again gratitude to The Universe and You both for allowing me into your circle.


These guys are real angles for me. Every time any service taken is always worked for me. I don't know how does it work for me that quick then others. I take anything it works like magic. Today's energy transfer has also worked. Here is the experience. It was really working. Like I could feel the energies. I was feeling a bit heavy. But fact is fact I felt the energy around me. Thanks a lot for this great service given by u guys. Thanks a lot

Ashika Shukla